Sunday, October 21, 2012

Everything Astonishing All The Time!!!

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     Last night, I witnessed the awesome power of Carrion Spring for the first time. I can't believe, having lived so close to Portland for so long now, that I hadn't seen them yet... But, such was the case. As a band, and as the amazing humans they turned out to be, Carrion Spring do, and did, a wonderful job of reminding me why I continue dedicating my life to this thing we call Punk Rock. This isn't going to be a record review. This isn't going to be a show review. This is about the necessary life's blood of friends and trusted comrades. I am a bit hungover today, so, rambling words and whatnot...
     We spent a good chunk of the evening talking pretty extensively about the hows and whys of growing older in a community with such a high burn out rate. Sometimes, it can feel quite daunting booking shows and writing 'zines and just trying to keep up. I would never blame friends for walking away for awhile or taking time off or even giving up completely. Everyone has their own path to follow. For me, last night was a true testament to the aptitude of dedication. We get spoiled sometimes living in an area where we are afforded so much freedom when it comes to creating such a solid circuit for local shows and touring bands and, shit, I don't even know how to describe it... It's like, when you leave your house on a Saturday night, and you struggle with whether to turn right to go to Highline to see Curse Of The North and ThacO, or turning left to go to Black Lodge to see Theories and Carrion Spring and Great Falls and Don Peyote and Numb and Cynarae... Or, should I have gotten on the 106 bus south to Club M to see The Fabulous Downey Brothers...?? There were friends out everywhere last night having fun, dancing, laughing, loving. We are so spoiled. I wouldn't trade this life for any other. We have the best, most talented friends in the world.
     My whole point of this post was, Carrion Spring are officially in the top 5 best bands I have seen in the last few years. I am absolutely ecstatic about our new friendship and the prospect of building and creating with them. I love life!!!

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  1. I would have seen the Fabulous Downey Bros.