Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Clarity - Summer EP

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Life has been pretty nuts lately. I haven't had any time to write recently, let alone listen to new music. I have been so glad for this Labor Day weekend. Three days to decompress and discover brilliance like Clarity from El Paso, Texas!!! These guys have created a beautiful amalgam of gritty and grandiose Post-Hardcore that to me, sounds like a perfect combination of Small Brown Bike, Title Fight, Tiger's Jaw and, well, how about the more Post-Rockin'ish parts of Sparta... If only for the El Paso connection. That might be lazy on my part, but that's what I am hearing... These songs have a ton of twists and turns going on within them. Plenty to keep you interested if the above mentioned bands are something you are a fan of. If you haven't checked out their Winter EP, I highly recommend you do so as well.

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