Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Remainder - The Frozen World Thawed LP

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   Remainder, from the Boston area, used to be called C'est La Guerre. With the name change came some sort of rabid beast bursting forth from the deepest bowels of hell. The new songs, under the new moniker seem more intense, more catastrophic. The build-ups and break-downs are all still there, though, the level of intensity displayed on this new LP is far and away heavier and more pronounced than on previous releases. This is still very much a Screamo record, but with more prevalant doses of Chaotic Hardcore, Post-Metal and Noise-Rock peppered thoughout. Where as the first couple recorded outputs relied heavily on that Saetia/Sailboats/Portrait thing, these new songs remind me more of Botch or Me And Him Call It Us. Technical Metalcore clashing against strange noise-scapes and low-end decimation. This is not easy-listening music by any means. This LP represents the deep, dark neuroses we all live with on a day-to-day basis. The dread, dismay and hopelessness of living in a dying city and what it might take to pull ourselves out of that mire with the requisite amount of optimism and self-worth. Yes, I feel all of that when I listen to this record. Take a listen and tell me what it makes you feel.

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