Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Winter Passing - Demo

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Sometimes, It's just easier to let the music speak for itself. These boys and girl from Ireland are creating a sweet, fuzzy, poppy Emo racket that just sticks to my ribs and makes me smile. I always get a nice twinge of excitement when I can't find other bands to compare. right now, as I listen to these songs for the 6th or 7th time in a row, It is almost impossible for me to find a comparison. This demo reminds me of the 90's. It reminds me of living room shows in Madison. It reminds me of cute, nerdy Emo girls wearing backpacks filled with Sylvia Plath and Emily Bronte literature and dancing wildly while The Promise Ring plays away on stage at The Loft... This is the sound of youth and I can't get enough. I will be celebrating my 35th birthday this coming week. I am glad there are bands around like The Winter Passing to remind me that life is still worth living and living is always more fun when we don't allow the constant oppression of time to weigh us down and turn us sour on the wonder that is hope.

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