Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Man Without Plan - Get Right LP

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Holy Shit!!! Long lost CLASSIC rediscovered!!!! I remember reading a super positive review of this album in Heartattack years ago written by Marianne. She was a notorious critic when it came to the screamier side of Hardcore and she spoke very highly of these songs, so, when I stumbled upon this in the bin at Amoeba years ago, I had to grab it. I was so stoked I did. Man Without Plan were from NYC. They existed from 1997 until just this year, which is a fucking lifetime for a Hardcore band. Releasing 6 full-lengths and myriad ep's and split's, these guys were plenty prolific during their tenure. I am going to try describing this record while giving it the full amount of respect it deserves. Imagine Born Against and Hail Mary mind fucking The Movielife on a trampoline located in the back yard of a house owned by every band that put a record out on No Idea Records in the 90's. These songs are angular and off-kilter and just the right amount of fucked up so as not to be able to fully be described as straight-ahead Hardcore. There are some Pop-Punk moments mixed within the swirling chaos and screaming mess as well. Math-Rock, Post-Hardcore, Emo, Screamo... Punk Fucking Rock however you slice it. I think everything they released is available to check out on Bandcamp, so, what are you waiting for???

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