Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Father Figure - 死の手 LP

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There must be something polluting the water in Denton over the last handful of years. There are some bands that have come out of that town that are on some next level shit!! Teenage Cool Kids, Pyramids and now Father Figure. I couldn't be happier. These guys are some sort of Screamo/Post-Hardcore/Twinkle concoction that works in a way I can't even begin to express. I don't know why, but I hear early Piebald in these songs. There is some tapping and some super screechy screaming and a whole bunch of melody and that is just the beginning. Lyrically, these songs are written from a very sad and lonely perspective. Totally Emo and totally worth it. Tons of what if's and why me's and that screeching vocal delivery that has completely gotten under my skin!!! If I was smarter, I would call this Math-Rock with a dash of EmoViolence peppered throughout. I ain't, so I am just going to call this Punk Rock!! I want to book a show for these fellas when they come to town. I would love to see these songs live. By the way, I highly recommend this band's demo as well. I am going to comment on the vocals again. They are so high pitched and grating that I have completely fallen in love with them. Almost like if Doc Dart from the Crucifucks started a Screamo band. Love!!!!

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