Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Your Pathways Form A Labyrinth

Not Bad,

I do not know...
What is right, sometimes, what if I was supposed to?
If walls ever fall, the way my mind has for the last twenty years,

It might be a while, before I get to the point.
I may have just figured out how to walk these streets without ripping...

my own heart out.

Our own, yes...


Can populations experience their full life cycles
without human intervention?

Do we, as specimens of a skin, of a trajectory,
ever truly find ourselves within,
the wrath of mind vs. manner...

There has never been a woman, who could make me weak inside.

She has a family, not unlike mine.
I think I had her from the moment,
We locked eyes.

There are chapters in these fingers. I need to stare, because they are strong.
Bony, yet strong.
Rigid and resourceful
Against the Underwood, Yeah, the arthritis was there from birth.

This may appear beyond repair, I can assure you.

She bought me a carton of Spirits.

I am complete.

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