Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Plagues - Self-Titled EP

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    Straight out of  Southern California we have Plagues and their Powerviolence bombast!! Think Look Back And Laugh, think Crossed Out, think Infest, think Suppression. These songs can be faster than a grind tornado until they aren't and they slow to a crawling dirge. The lyrics are scathing indictments of our fucked up system and the fucked up sheep that follow it blindly. I don't think I need to sell anyone on Powerviolence. It is sort of a niche genre and if you are a fan of any powerviolence bands, you will probably be a fan of this. I don't find myself listening to this style all that much these days, but, when a band like Plagues comes along and completely decimates my ear drums with their non-stop barrage of raging riffs and caustic vocals, I can't help but slam to it!

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