Thursday, May 3, 2012

Locktender/Cassilis - Split 7"

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     Cassilis are from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Locktender are from the Cleveland, Ohio area. I, Corrupt Records out of Germany is releasing this 7", which should be out sometime in June. Locktender is the reincarnation of Men As Trees. Cassilis features current and former members of Boy Problems, Make Me, Snowing and The Lady Is Not For Burning and they play it raw and angular and brimming with fuzzed-out distortion. Locktender continue down their well-traveled Post-Rock/Screamo path they had perfected under the banner of their former name. Cassilis seem to be influenced by Gravity Records, Metalcore like Everytime I Die and Converge and maybe, something a little more grimy Rock-n-Roll-esque such as Killdozer or Unsane. Now, Men As Trees have been one of my very favorite bands for a long time. I was saddened when I heard they were parting ways. Though, when I found out about Locktender, I was born-again in ecstatic bliss. It would stand to reason I would be more than accepting of those guys no matter what they ended up calling themselves. Locktender is the perfect continuation of their prior work. This song isn't the longest composition they have written. Not even close. Though, it does what it is supposed to in it's 3 1/2 minutes. Waves and peaks and valleys and crescendos and highs and lows and those deep, almost crusty vocals get me every time. Drawing influence from the likes of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Neurosis, Fall Of Efrafa and The Blue Letter, Locktender are the pure embodiment of forward-thinking Hardcore. I always love it when bands that generally sound nothing alike team up to make a record. It certainly keeps things from growing stale. This is a wonderful split courtesy of two strong up-and-coming powerhouses and a great D.I.Y. label. Contact Ingo at I, Corrupt Records to Pre-Order this.


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