Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Darling, You Should Be Ashamed - The Weight Of Days EP

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     It has been tough finding the time to write about anything these days. My life has been rather busy as of late. These are the first words I have written in about a week, so, I figured I would throw a wrench in the gears and give a little nod to this band who came out of left field to hit me square upside the head. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined a band like Darling, You Should Be Ashamed having as much of an impact on me as they have. I mean, Last.FM is telling me their similar artists list consists of crap fake Metal-Core like Nevea Tears and Upon Beauty Rests. They are from Salt Lake City and almost all the members are sporting that shitty, contrived swooping comb-over haircut that so many mall-pop bands are wearing these days. I know, I know... Don't ever judge a book... I'll tell ya' though, I am glad I took a chance on these guys when I did.
     The songs on 'The Weight Of Days', as well as their other EP entitled 'Nostalgia' feature a great combination of chunky palm-muting, epic break-downs, guttural growls and emotionally overwrought screams. I was surprised to find very little contrivance within this batch of tunes. Normally, when I sit down to listen to a band like this, I am always half expecting to hear shitty auto-tuned vocals and drum triggers galore running rampant throughout. This is not the case here. Darling, You Should Be Ashamed seem to be taking inspiration from a very honest place and creating music that truly moves them as a band. I hear hints of the good 90's Metal-Core as well as a more modern Post-Hardcore, Screamo and Post-Rock influence. Strangely enough, I hear echos of bands like Overcast and Unbroken here and there as well as some parts that remind me of Since By Man and Forstella Ford. They even tastefully inject some electronic interludes here and there to break up the chaos. Basically, these songs are all over the map stylistically, which definitely can be detrimental to a band's overall sound sometimes. Like I said, these guys seem to have overstepped that problem by knowing how much of any one sound to utilize at any given time. There isn't too much of any one style being overplayed here. Just enough crunch, just enough Metal guitar wank, just enough guttural... These songs are amazing and I can't praise these guys enough! I don't know if they are still a band, but, I would love to hear a full-length someday!

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  1. Thanks for the review, we haven't been a band for a while but I'm glad we could have a positive impact on your life.