Friday, April 27, 2012

Sun Eater - Sun Eater EP

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     Normally, stoned-out, EPIC Psychedelic Rock isn't the first thing I think of when I think of Tacoma, which is where Sun Eater call home. Ben, who plays Bass and sings in the band was nice enough to send a review request my way, and seeing as how there are so many things that I adore about our neighbors to the south, I figured this would be an easy sell. I didn't know how right I was going to be. I have been mesmerized by these three songs for the last... What day is it? 
     Listening to these songs is like taking a reefer-laced space trip to the outer reaches of your own mind. The dark corners reveal themselves to be nothing more than repressed memories of a childhood spent exploring the dense forests and dead-end streets of another unfamiliar town. Deeper down the rabbit hole we fall, until we have only our own paranoia and insecurities to keep us afloat. There, some stoned rambling for all of you to coincide with this well-crafted Psyche masterpiece.
     There are very few vocals on this EP. You will hear Ben's voice near the tail-end of the title track and that is all you get. When the vocals did finally kick in, I was completely floored by what I heard. I was expecting some deep wail like Sleep or Dungen. What I was confronted with was a rabid beast, backed into a corner, screaming as if his life were on the line. That is one thing that really sets Sun Eater apart from the rest of the pack. These songs pack a punch that can only be described as dirge-heavy Hardcore-esque. Almost like a Jesus Lizard or later-era Black Flag or something...
     This genre has definitely been bogged down over the last few years with run-of-the-mill bands playing quasi-spiritual rock with little to no feeling or heart. Bands like MGMT, Stardeath And White Dwarfs, The Mars Volta and even The Flaming Lips to some extent have been lumped into this "Psyche" category due to the fact that they are "out there" enough to make dumb college kids feel like they are being dangerous and different by listening to these no-talent clowns because they heard a 30 second flash of some song on an American Apparel commercial. There is nothing forward-thinking or individualistic about any of that. Fortunately, Sun Eater are in no way, shape or form associated or affiliated with hackneyed fakery like the above mentioned bands. This is very dark, very honest drug music for the modern age.
     Fans of Marijuana, The Black Angels, Quest For Fire, Dead Meadow, Electric Wizard and Sun Araw will probably enjoy this. I am a fan of all those things and I enjoy this. There is no reason you shouldn't.

Call your friends, roll some joints, scatter the pillows on the floor and turn the stereo up LOUD!!!

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