Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tell-Tale Hearts - 2012 Demo

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     Toronto has been churning out some pretty amazing Hardcore these days. It seems like most of the bands that I have been digging on lately all sort of center around the same core group of people. The guys in Tell-Tale Hearts also play music in Delo Truda and Ramon Gris. I have loved those two bands since I first heard them, so, it somehow makes sense that they are all connected. Based on everything I have read from these bands, there seems to be a swelling sense of true passion and drive to create the strongest, most welcoming scene they can in their city. I can't begin to describe how happy that makes me. I mean, I generally assume that if you are a band playing under the blanket of D.I.Y. Hardcore, you probably have some pretty good concepts and ideas about the ways things should be done. Though, I do feel like there still are probably plenty of bands that sort of miss the point and just use D.I.Y. as a springboard to bigger? and better? things. Maybe that is just me showing my age...? I am definitely not a jaded ass. I have been involved in this community for 20 years, I am certainly not giving up any time soon. This is my life, my love, my heart, my strength, my family, my blood. I get the feeling the bands in Toronto feel the exact same way.
     As far as the music goes, Tell-Tale Hearts are playing it Twinkly and Screamy with hints of Post-Expandingness traveling throughout. Imaging Kinsella bashing it out with the likes of A Flower Kollapsed and you might have a slight idea of what these songs sound like. Tons of Guitar tapping and throat shredding and probably some spazzing out on the floor or otherwise. I couldn't find any posted lyrics, but, from what I can make out through the maelstrom, it sounds like they are singing about those always acceptable Emo topics like: Love, loss, regret, hopelessness, redemption... It has been a very long time since I though about a band actually crying on stage as they played. I am reminded of seeing Edaline live in like, 1996. They were driven to tears by the emotional nature of their own songs. Or, The Kodan Armada, bawling on the floor in front of a handful of strangers. Bands that are driven so strongly by their own songs they can't help but break down when they are on stage. I envision Tell-Tale Hearts doing the same thing. Though, from the pictures I have seen of these guys, they all seem to be smiling an awful lot. Good. Either way, if you aren't feeling something, anything, from the music you are playing, you are probably doing it wrong. Tell-Tale Hearts are not.

    Please come to Seattle, I want to book a show for you.   

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