Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mclusky - Mclusky Do Dallas LP

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In 1990 or '91, I saw the Pixies at the Barrymore Theater in Madison. I saw Mclusky at Bottom Of The Hill in San Francisco in 2000. I owe my life to both those shows. In the long run, I believe 'Mclusky Do Dallas' and 'Dolittle' will be records I am listening to 60 years from now. To my ears, Mclusky took what The Pixies did and added a few layers of sick wit and smarmy outlandishness. The songs on this record can and do go from a hushed whisper to a lion's roar. Stop-on-a-dime inventiveness and some of the funniest, smartest lyrics certainly don't hurt. I am sure everyone and their crippled attic sister already know about this album. I don't care. It has been ages since I listened to this and I am going to spend all day basking in it's glory.

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