Sunday, March 25, 2012

HRSLVR - The Tease EP

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Here we have another wicked addition to that vast Torontonian D.I.Y. family. Horselover, or HRSLVR, are a completely uncategorizable monster that have arrived to tear the proverbial babies from their terrified mother's wombs. The two songs here are driven by sass and swagger. Not unlike early Blood Brothers or Chariots, which if anyone remembers was the band that Travis from Song of Zarathustra started after the demise of SoZ. The band cite influences such as Daughters and These Arms Are Snakes. I can definitely hear bits and pieces of those bands here. But there is something else lurking beneath the flailing Punk Rock surface, a seamy, roiling undercurrent that suggests something has been feeding on Shellac or Butthole Surfers records.  The result is a far grimier, foul-mouthed racket than you might expect, snatches of grubby rock n’ roll or groaning Festival of Dead Deer-esque dirges forcing themselves shoulder-to-shoulder with the unregimented Punk Rock clatter and making for an EP that never goes exactly where you think it will.

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