Monday, February 13, 2012

What We're Afraid Of - Long Walk Home

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As I sit here listening to this, counting down the minutes until I have to take that inevitable walk to the bus stop and my mundane trip north to work, I can't help but be reminded of the first time I listened to Converge, or Architects, or even The Chariot.  What We're Afraid Of have crafted a solid album of heavy, chaotic Metalcore with some pretty interesting guitar work throughout.  Also, their vocalist Josh seems to be possessed by some sort of demon or rabid hellbeast.  His throat shredding screams might even make the mighty J. Bannon think about stepping up his game.  By no means reinventing the steel, these guys seem to be having a blast with these songs.  It isn't often I find myself giving bands of this style a chance these days.  I have my favorites, the classics of the genre, but it seems a lot of the time, there is just so little passion being put forth by bands playing this overtly techy Math-Metal stuff that the genre gets bogged down with sad and shitty imitators.  For every Botch, Walls Of Jericho and Dillinger Escape Plan, there are literally thousands of Devil Wears Pradas, Bullet For My Valentines and Bring Me The Horizons.  That's why it is nice once in awhile to hear a band writing songs that don't sacrifice the choler for slick Pop parts and wimped out, scrotumless caterwauling.  I could thrash to this live.

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