Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Things Fall Apart

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Things Fall Apart are from Columbus, Ohio.  Knowing that fact, it makes sense that these songs would have such an overwhelming feeling of anger and dread permeating through them.  I have been to Columbus and though I feel very strongly about cherishing where you come from, I can understand why they are so pissed off.  This is caustic Post-Hardcore with bite.  Group chants, tasteful breakdowns and the occasional, elusive dramatic pause make me think of 90's greats like Chino Horde, Kerosene 454 and Still Life.  A few, more modern comparisons might be Planes Mistaken For Stars, Twelve Hour Turn, Glass & Ashes or Pianos Become The Teeth.  Lyrically, these songs seem to be written from a very dark, personal place and I am sure the author feels that great purge every time they play live.  I love that image.  Seeing a band on stage exorcising their demons with every note, every guitar slash, every scream...  I especially love the song 'What Went Wrong?'.  The lyrics hit particularly close to home for me as I have struggled my entire life to make any sort of connection with my own father.  All in all, I am certain this will appeal to fans of old-school Emo as well as the newer sounds that labels like Topshelf and Paper + Plastik are dealing in.  Well done.

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