Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tel Fyr - Self Titled Full Length

Bandcamp Link

If a band ever knew how to exploit my weak spots, I think it might be Tel Fyr.  These Canadians have succeeded in masterfully crafting a crushingly beautiful amalgam of Folk influenced, Blackened Screamo with some pristine ambient passages bringing to mind the collective sounds of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Terzij De Horde, the Pentangle and Celeste.  Imagine Fell Voices and Deafheaven getting shit-faced with June Of 44 and unrepentantly drunk dialing Sam Shalabi in the middle of the night.  Tense, almost claustrophobic buildups blend seamlessly with that oppressive weight of distortion and grinding power leaving me on edge and feeling serene all at the same time.  I was planning on writing an entire treatise regarding the pros & cons of Black Metal's influence on today's D.I.Y. Punk scene.  Instead,  I got stoned, put this record on again, got off my HIGH horse and figured it was more interesting and important to just support personal taste and influence as something that shouldn't be fucked with and that doesn't need to be mercilessly dissected.  Anyway, Tel Fyr have taken all the great parts of Black Metal and combined them with the best parts of Screamy Hardcore, Folk and instrumental lullabies.  I wish they would have included their lyrics on their Bandcamp page. I would like to know what a Straight Edge Black Metal "Skramz" band has to say... Hint Hint.

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