Friday, December 30, 2011

Little Ease - Self Titled

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Some New Songs On Their Blog

Little Ease Last.FM Page

There is so much of an unhinged, traditional Rock-n-Roll feel to these songs. Which is definitely blowing my mind right now. I have been stuffing myself with so much Screamy, Post-Hardcore lately, it's nice to hear some straight forward, pissed off Punk Rock. Yes, they are a Hardcore band, but, I hear some oddly comforting surf guitar here and there as well.  Combine that with a snotty, almost Pop Punk bounce not unlike the noise Chicago was making in the early 90's with bands like the Vindictives, the Bollweevils and Apocalypse Hoboken.  I am suddenly feeling 15 again.  Oh yeah!! The Yah Mos!! In other words, this is spazzy, sloppy Garage-n-Roll played with wild abandon.  No song makes it past the two minute mark, so there is little room for grandiose posturing. Right for the throat with claws out!! Look, KITTENS!!  They come from Great Britain and that accent shines through loud and clear.  I am not sure how long this band has been active, seeing as I just discovered them about an hour ago. I have been thoroughly floored though. Short songs, great spiteful lyrics shouted with venom and an inescapable feeling of contempt makes this record feel like something very special. There is no Emo, Screamo or Post-Hardcore here. There is no Doom, Sludge, Drone or Post-Metal here. Just unabashedly youthful chaos centered on a strong Rockin' foundation.  I guess some other comparisons that might make it easier to understand would be: The Stooges, Trapdoor Fucking Exit, Light The Fuse And Run, The Shitty Limits... Books Lie... I don't know. What I do know with certainty is that I love this and am gonna say this might just bump something off my year end top ten.

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