Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Complexity Of Financial Insecurity

Why don't we try a little reconnection. Remember, this bed is bigger than the both of us. You always shy away these days. So many dreams have left me tired. Perhaps the sunshine has saved me my sanity. In an hour or so, I will disappear within the vapor of this broken heater. I can hear you laughing. I can hear you scratching the dry skin just above your left elbow. Man, these winter months wreak havoc on our bodies. If only you would let me caress you once again. We still have that Lavender Carrot lotion under the bathroom sink. I could smooth things over. Let me smooth things over. Let me be that man I always promised I could be. I will not sing anymore. I will not drunkenly chant your name below our bedroom window. I won't come home at dawn with blood crusted on my knuckles anymore. I don't want to fight these demons alone. You are my favorite song. Let me remind you again how wonderful it is listening to your soft, lilting melodies. My favorite thing, my heart, my hope. I am born again within the light of your love.

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