Saturday, November 6, 2010

I Found Your Blood To Be Quite Potable

The weather can change a man.  You are proof positive.
A monster before 8 a.m.
If the sun ever shows itself again, promise me you will give your life to hopefulness and the greater good of the community.
Please, return the favor before the darkness passes.
There have been stories circulating, pertaining to that city we used to share.
The streets just aren't safe anymore.  
Go home, relax, tomorrow is another day.
To hear it from non-relations, I am the catalyst by which the whole thing was torn the fuck down. 
It is within these walls, we make the most of psychotic episodes and borderline mental collapse.  
Go to that great lake, wade out to the shallows, drink of the life giving elixir.
Can you taste the contradiction?
I for one, have known that taste far too well for far too long.  
It has become a burden I can't quite shake.
This is my cross to bear.
Consider our hearts.  They break so easily, they....

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