Sunday, November 14, 2010

Book Of Dead Names-'The Story Unfolds' LP

Book Of Dead Names MediaFire Link

I spent all morning smiling like a fool after finding this album at Zion's Gate here in Seattle.  I was certain I was never going to see it again.  Anyway,  the Book Of Dead Names were a spazzy, groovy, Post-Punk inspired Screamo band from Minneapolis.  They named themselves after the mythological "Necronomicon" invented by "master" of 'weird fiction', H.P. Lovecraft.  During their time as an active entity, they hit the road with the likes of the Locust, Reversal Of Man and CombatWoundedVeteran.  The band was comprised of members from other popular Minneapolis groups such as Song Of Zarathustra and the Cadillac Blindside.  These songs have some disturbing, dark, almost Gothic undertones to them.  Very ominous in presentation, they flow along like a thunderstorm just beyond the horizon.  With tense, angular guitars wound so tight they sound like they could break at any moment.  I can definitely hear some of that early Factory Records sound here.  Or, how about, that pre-Joy Division album by Warsaw.  My closest modernized comparisons would be Anger Hair, Mohinder and more recently, the Blood Brothers.  This is some of that super angsty, fall on the floor while screaming beyond the microphone Hardcore.  Midwest Represent!!

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