Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Jackets-'Trampolines' EP

Black Jackets MediaFire Link

O.K.  This is the first addition to the blog that has been sent by an outside source.  That source being Black Jackets from the Ukraine.  Funny thing is,  I originally had no intention of covering bands I did not like or even know about.  But, Black Jackets were nice enough to contact me about reviewing their record on my blog, so...  Here goes:  The music coming from my speakers reminds me of what I would imagine Paramore to sound like.  Female vocals over crunchy guitars with male back-up vocals.  Their songs are very slickly produced with that BIG rock sound.  Maybe throw in a bit of Shiny Toy Guns or something.  They do change things up with a Black Eyed Peas cover, and, although I have never heard the original, it sounds like they are having a lot of fun playing the song.  Shit!  I don't know enough about music like this to make any sort of honest comparison or judgement.  I definitely appreciate the fact there are bands from the Urkaine trying to make it big in the music business.  I wish them all the luck in world.  Like I said, if you enjoy Paramore or Tegan & Sara or Shiny Toy Guns you might really love this.

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