Monday, October 25, 2010

Sinaloa-Self Titled 12" EP

Download from Mediafire

Sinaloa have been around for years!!  In that time, they have released three full length albums, many, many splits and now we are graced with this perfectly complimentary one sided 12" ep.  In their nine year existence, they have continued to expand and explore the sonic pallet laid out before them by the likes of Bob Tilton, Hoover and Sleepytime Trio.  Never becoming a full-bore Screamo band, they instead opted to remain a bit subdued.  Creating drawn out compositions that often bordered on Post Punk.  As a three piece without a Bassist, they have cut all the fat, chiseling the excess until we are left only with a solid, straight ahead sound that slices with razor like precision.  I am glad to know there are still bands like this making music on their own terms, not following any sort of trend, giving us their hearts on so many little round pieces of plastic.

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