Sunday, October 24, 2010

We Were Promised Jetpacks-'These Four Walls' LP

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Over the years, Scotland has offered Americans a number of very lovely things to take our minds off the dullness of everyday life.  Scotch Whiskey,  the Loch Ness Monster, Golf.   Three things that bring joy to my heart and a tear to my eye.  We can now add 'We Were Promised Jetpacks' to that list.  These four young men from Edinburgh have crafted the most perfect dark Pop album of the last twenty years.  I know this record came out last year, but, this is a new blog and I can't help but write about it.  Seeing as how it was my favorite album of '09, I feel I should let the world know just how special I think this band is.  Beginning with a template that borrows from very, very early U2 and adding the emotional frailty of the Smiths while tempering with the bleak lyrical outlook of, lets say, Joy division.  I might go so far as to say the songs have an almost Gothic feel to them at times.  One of the first things I noticed about these songs and actually one of the reasons I love these songs so much is the fact Adam (guitar/vocals) doesn't try to hide his accent.  It is right there in all its drawn out, strangely inflected glory.   This record is flawless and these guys absolutely destroy live.  I hope they can continue crafting amazing songs and not fall prey to the dreaded sophomore slump so many young bands suffer from.  I for one, am rooting for 'em.

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