Sunday, October 24, 2010

Moving Past The Future With Our Eyes Closed

Bound by hope, it will only get better.  Tomorrow is reason enough to make the most of now.  Even with this unending pain in my hands, I still have faith in a silver lining.  Form follows function on these dreary winter days.  It makes for an interesting cross section of down and out scenarios.  I sit and listen from the safety of my second story hovel to the sounds of a million broken dreams below.  We live and learn from past mistakes.  I want you to know, I have lived and learned to love this life.  All the missteps, all the self-doubt, it all adds up to a greater appreciation for all the good things.  For you I shall craft my opus.  The Truth seems to be,  I still have millions of pages in me.  Millions of stories and last great lines just waiting for pen to meet paper.

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