Sunday, October 31, 2010

Iceburn Collective-'Power Of The Lion' LP

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Imagine stumbling across a party in some dark, humid warehouse on the edge of town. You push open the giant, rusty metal doors to find a band comprised of members from King Crimson, the Ex, A Minor Forest, Submission Hold and the Art Ensemble of Chicago bashing out something akin to the sounds Sun Ra would have created while traveling beyond the outer reaches of the universe with his Solar-Myth Arkestra. Now imagine the same sound after that stranger standing next to you slips you 80 cc's of pure, liquid L.S.D. Is it starting to kick in yet??? Southern Lord has done the world a great service by re-releasing this masterpiece. In their time, Iceburn, and later, the Iceburn Collective, created some of the most Earth shatteringly brilliant free form Jazzcore noise. Equal parts raging Post-Punk chaos and Ether laced space trip. 'Power of the Lion' is the bands sixth full length album, originally released as a collaboration between their own label and Revelation Records, a label usually known more for their love of all things Straight Edge and Spiritual than Avant-Garde. This album should please anyone interested in open-mindedness.  I don't have any sort of download link for this record.  You are just going to have to find it yourself.  Trust me, it is well worth it!!

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