Wednesday, October 27, 2010

MOTIM-'Sobrevivendo A Uma Rotina De Incertezas' LP

MOTIM At Bandcamp

This Portuguese Screamo band play crushing, chaotic Hardcore that can come very close to Metal at times.  There is the usual high pitched screechy vocalist, but, they also have a growler who gives us some super gutteral Death Metal type vocals sometimes.  There are some gang vocal chants that show up from time to time as well.  I always appreciate when bands from other places decide to sing in their native languages rather than trying to pander to an American audience.  Totally refreshing.  The music sort of reminds me of Alpinist or Elder at times and Mihai Edrisch at others.  I also hear some influence from a band like Takaru once in awhile.  I guess at this point, with all the thousands of screamy, emotionally wrought Hardcore bands, trying to compare or contrast is rather foolish.  All I am saying is, if you still enjoy "Screamo" and want to tell your friends you are into bands from exotic locales, you could do alot worse than MOTIM.  As a side note, when I can, I will post the band's Bandcamp URL so you can download their album if you so desire.

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