Sunday, October 31, 2010

Eleventh He Reaches London-'The Good Fight For Harmony' LP

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Released in 2005, this was the first full length album by 'Eleventh He Reaches London'.  A popular Post-Rock/Screamo Hardcore band from Perth, Australia.  They have shared the stage with some super shitty names like Against Me, the Used, Killswitch Engage, Funeral For A Friend and Rise Against.  I can't fault them for that though, seeing as how we rarely hear from Australian Hardcore bands.  Wikipedia calls them a "Hard Rock" band...  Their sound does lean that way sometimes, but, they retain enough grit and aggression to keep them from falling into the same pit that a band like the Deftones fell in.  They may or may not be influences by bands like Isis, Neurosis or MeWithoutYou.  I hear traces of all those sounds in these songs.  Three guitars give these compositions a very weighted feeling.  Ponderous and oppressive at times, pulchritudinous and halcyon at others.  I like to use big words to make myself feel smarter.

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