Sunday, October 31, 2010

Deleometer-'Rotation Im Die Ich Achse' LP


This is female fronted Screamo Hardcore with a very European feel.  They travel in the same pack as bands like Hiretsukan, the Assistant and the Hope and the Failure.  Heavy fucking breakdowns and squealing vocals only add to the excitement.  I always laugh when people use the term 'Emo Violence', but, this is about as close as it gets to that descriptor.   Very pissed off and politically minded.  Punk as Fuck.  How can you not support a band with a female vocalist.  I don't care where you are from or how long you have been involved in the 'scene'.  The ladies still haven't had their day in the sun.  I want to see more women raging on stage.  This is totally lazy, but, I am also going to compare this to a great Hardcore band from SF called Punch.  More than anything, only because both bands feature Women on the microphone.  Deleometer has that same driving, straight ahead force, though Punch is much more of a traditional Hardcore band whereas Deleometer play around with odd time signatures and those open E chords that most progressive Hardcore bands use.  Not to say this is unoriginal or anything.  Just relying heavily on its influences.

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